Iris® Naylon Industrial Yarns


Hilos Iris specializes in customer service unique to the industrial yarn market. We are able to provide finished yarn quickly in both large and small dye lots.  Hilos Iris can also supply larger color requirements in multiple shades on a continuity basis if required by the customer.

All of our Industrial Yarns offer the following:

  • Excellent Lubricity
  • Super brightness and softness
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Super colorfastness

Nylon Industrial : Nylon Texturized Stretch Nº 2002
Fiber Construction:
  Sizes available 70/2 denier Twist
  Slight Intermingled (Slight IM) Not twisted yarn .
Weight per Cone:
2.2 lbs -1 kg
Colors Available:

Weaving :Mattress Sewing .
Decorative: Upholstery (Bed ,Bath and home furnishing).
Knitting (Circular or flat ) :Knit wear ,socks ,pants .
Sewing: For sewing common used in furniture and automotive trim.
Excellent Lubricity.
Super Brightness.
Great elasticity which allows the yarn to work even on over edge and cover stitch machines.
Excellent Chemical and abrasion, resistance with super color fastness.