Iris® Cotton Hand Embroidery Threads


Vela Arco Iris and Vela Nancy are the perfect 6 strand skeins for hand embroidery designs, cross stitch and miscellaneous craft thread works. They provide a smooth feel and excellent coverage while stitching or embroidering. The excellent quality of the long staple cotton from which the thread is made and the finest gassing and mercerization process gives the floss a lustrous shine. This thread is also resistant to heavy laundering and has superb color fastness. Vela Arco Iris and Vela Nancy are the perfect choice for all your hand embroidered designs.


Iris®Cotton Floss (Market Brand :Arco Iris) Article N° 100
Fiber Construction:
  30/2 – (6 Strands) 100% Cotton Gassed and Mercerized.
Yardage per skein:
  8.75 yds ( 8 mts).
Colors Available:
IrisŪ Cotton Floss (Market Brand :Nancy) Article N° 1100
Fiber Construction:
  36/2 -(6 Strands) 100% Cotton Mercerized.
Yardage per skein:
  7.65 yds (7 mts).
Colors Available:
Iris® Embroidery Floss Value Packs
Fiber Construction:
  100% Mercerized Cotton combed yarn
( 6 Strands)
Packs Available:
  Item 1250 Primary Floss pack 36 skeins
Item 1255 Pastel Floss pack 36 skeins
Item 1260 Variegated Floss pack 36 skeins
Item 1265 Giant Floss pack 105 skeins

Iris® Craft Thread Value Packs
Fiber Construction:

100% Cotton Gassed and Mercerized.
(2 Strands)

Yardage per skein:
  10 yds ( 9.14 mts).
Colors Available:
Frienship bracelets, shoe laces, worry dolls, necklaces.
  Superb lustrous shine in your craft applications.
Excellent sheen and color fastness .
Packs Available:
Item 1230 Primary Craft pack 36 skeins
Item 1235 Pastel Craft pack 36 skeins
Item 1240 Variegated Craft pack 36 skeins
Item 1245 Giant Craft pack 105 skeins

Washing Instructions

We recommend that you always wash each embroidery design separately, do not wash 2 or more design together.

When embroidery, cross stitch or knitted application is hand washed it is very important to use enough flush water where the garment can float using soap.

The Cotton Thread can be washed with detergents but special care must be taken as these contain bleachers or optical soaps that could result in changes on colors.

The detergents that come in contact with the embroideries or craft designs shall contain little or none bleacher agents such as chlorine, soda or peroxide.

Garments must be rinsed with enough water before twisting.

Do not allow garments to be wet for long time, hang immediately.

These instructions are important for embroideries that are to be washed for first time.

Embroideries must be ironed for the reverse side or between two linens or handkerchiefs.