Iris® Nylon Craft Threads


Iris Nylon threads are ideal for knitting garments, cables, carpets, bracelets and crafts. It is very popular for netting ropes and decorating scrapbooks. It is also characterized by it´s high strength and durability.


Iris® Nylon : Spool Article N°2
Fiber Construction:
  840/2 denier (2 strands)
100% Continuous Multifilament yarn
High textile Strength and chemical stable.
Yardage per spool :
  300 yds (275 mts) . 70 grams (2.47 oz)
Colors Available:
Netting ropes, cables, carpets, bracelets, Baby blankets , crafts, place mats, etc.
Washing Instructions

When knitted garments are hand washed it is very important to use enough flush water so the garment can float using soap.

The Nylon threads can be washed with neutral to slightly alkaline detergents but special care must be taken as these contain bleachers or optical soaps that could result in changes on colors.

The detergents that come in contact with the knitted or craft designs made of nylon thread shall contain little or none bleacher agents such as chlorine, soda or peroxide.

Garments must be rinsed with enough water before twisting.

Do not allow garments to be wet for long time, hang immediately.

These instructions are important for embroideries that are to be washed for first time.