Iris® Cotton Sewing Threads


Iris Cotton Sewing Thread is a high mercerized yarn that works perfectly for industrial and home sewing markets which demand excellent quality .It is ideal for machine sewing and quilting applications and can be used also in cross stitch and hand quilting designs. Iris sewing threads have excellent chemical and abrasion resistance with super color fastness.


Iris Cotton Snap Spools Article N°1307 and 1308
Fiber Construction:
  Tex 21 –2 ply, Tex 12 - 3ply. Cotton Mercerized 100 %.
Yardage per spool:
  550 yds (500 mts) and 220 yds (200 mts).
Colors Available:
Very popular for Quilting applications.
For use in light and heavy sewing activities such as blouses ,trousers ,dresses ,jeans ,bags, footwear, belts, armchairs etc.
Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance with superb color fastness.
Excellent Lubrication.
Runs smoothly and perfectly

Iris Cotton Cones .Article N°1113
Fiber Construction:
  Tex 21 . Cotton Mercerized 100 %.
Yardage per spool:
  5468 yds (5000 mts)
Colors Available:


Washing Instructions

  For Sewing Thread applications that are washed by hand it is very important to use enough flush water where the garment can float using soap.

The Cotton Sewing Thread can be washed with detergents but special care must be taken as these contain bleachers or optical soaps that could result in changes on colors.

The detergents that come in contact with the fabrics shall contain little or none bleacher agents such as chlorine, soda or peroxide.

Fabrics must be rinsed with enough water before twisting.

Do not allow garments to be wet for long time, hang immediately.

These instructions are important for embroiders that are to be washed for first time.

Sewing Thread applications or fabrics must be ironed on the reverse side, between two linens, or handkerchiefs.