Iris® Metallic Threads


Iris Metallic 6x2 Strands Embroidery thread is made up from the highest quality raw materials obtained from around the world. It is very popular for hand embroidery and decorative applications, cross stitching and hand quilting embellishments . Iris Metallic Embroidery Floss is available in 11 colors, has excellent properties when washed and is resistant to UV rays.


Iris Metallic: Embroidery Floss. Article N° 500
Fiber Construction:
  6 Strands 66% Viscose 34 % Polyester Metallic .
Yardage per spool:
  8.75 yds ( 8 mts).
Colors Available:
  (11) Gold, Silver, Warm Gold, Green, Red, Pink, Aqua, Purple, White Iris, Copper, Black.

Excellent for decorative embellishments. Iris Metallic thread is used for hand embroidery designs, cross stitch and miscellaneous craft thread works.

Provides a smooth feel and excellent coverage while stitching or embroidering.



  Precautions on Handling and storing products of Metallic thread

  The Laundry should be washed in cold water or tepid water using neutral detergents.

  Don’t use caustic soda or bleaching agents with these colors because discoloration may occur.

  Remove swan, spills etc immediately by laundering in water or by dry cleaning.

  Wash dark colored products separately from other laundry.

  Acids and alkalis can damage metallic threads.

  Avoid storing metallic threads where they may come in contact with clothes that may contain these substances .(For example , near woolens)

  Before storing, first ensure that the metallic is dry. Then cover with a thick polyethylene bag.