Iris® Rayon Bicolor Threads


Iris Rayon Embroidery threads are 100 % filament viscose made from the highest quality raw materials from around the world. Iris rayon threads have established themselves as leaders in the machine embroidery market.  This thread is very well known for the evenness in dye lots, uniformity in denier, brightness and strength.






Top quality product for machine embroidery that gives lustrous shine to your designs.

Excellent lubricity that enables the thread to run smoothly and perfectly.

Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance with superb color fastness.

Iris® Smooth´N Silky™ Rayon Bicolor Thread: Spools. Article N°189
Fiber Construction:
  Size 35 wt Viscose Rayon 100%
Weight per spool:
  25 gr (.88 oz)
Colors Available:


Iris Bicolor embroidery thread is the ideal yarn for embroidery designs which demand a bicolor appearance in a specific area of the embroidery. Example: faces of people, animals, landscapes, oceans and an infinity of applications.

Technologically designed to run easily in high speed multi head and home embroidery machines giving your designs a very nice and special appearance.

Superb lustrous shine in your embroidery designs.

Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance with superb color fastness.

Runs smoothly and perfectly


Washing Instructions


When an embroidery article is hand washed it is very important to use enough flush water so the garment can float.

The Rayon yarn can be washed with detergents but special care must be taken as these contain bleachers or optical soaps that could result in changes in colors.

The detergents that come in contact with the embroideries shall contain little or no bleacher agents such as chlorine, soda or peroxide.

Garments must be rinsed with enough water before twisting.

Do not allow garments to be wet for long time, hang immediately.

These instructions are important for embroideries that are to be washed for first time.


Embroideries must be ironed on the reverse side, between two linens, or handkerchiefs.